Yes, You Can Schedule Pictures On Instagram! Here’s How


We know very well as to how to post pictures on Instagram, one of the coolest social media platforms of the time, and play around with the hashtags. But, when the time comes to scheduling posts on Instagram, we become clueless. It’s surprising to come to know that scheduling pictures on Instagram is not an impossible task. Yes, you can schedule the posts on a certain day and a definite time as per your convenience, with utmost ease. There’s an app, called Buffer, that is like an added support or manager for your Instagram account and it comes to your rescue when you want to schedule posts.


The updates for Buffer are readily available for free for the pro users of Instagram. The integration of Buffer app is semi-automatic, unlike the other apps. All the features of the app are available for the free as well as paid users. Free users can only add one instagram account to the Buffer app, while the paid users can link multiple Instagram accounts with this amazing app. You can also link your other social media pages with Buffer for added advantage. Here are a few steps that will help you to understand that how you can schedule pictures on Instagram with the help of Buffer:

 Compose and schedule a post in the dashboard of Buffer.

 You will receive a push notification at the scheduled time.

 Go to ‘Open in Instagram’ option to view the image and write a caption or make last moment changes, if any.

 After making and reviewing the post, you can directly share it on Instagram.

Wasn’t that effortless!

Apps, like Buffer, has indeed brought a relief and convenience in managing our Instagram and other social media accounts for the active users. We are looking forward to witness more of such apps (or advanced ones) in the near future. Fingers crossed!