Why Location is the Hottest Topic Among Digital Marketers


When you can reach scores of people anywhere and at any given point of time through digital marketing, then the question arises that why location data holds so much of relevance? Well, we’ll make everything clear to you.

It is assumed that digital is about context and when marketers get to know that where a certain person is, then it will help them to get a fair idea of what kind of engagements gives him or her a sense of contentment or joy. The location also reveals that where a person likes to hop frequently and this helps the digital marketing strategists to understand his or her interests and personality. It further assists in sending relevant content to the customers as per their preferences.

Digital marketers have realized that sending across irrelevant content will not fetch out any positive results for them; people either ignore and delete this kind of content or just unsubscribe altogether. Brands need to recognize the fact that people are more receptive to relevant content now.

All the activities are tracked by the smartphones used by the people and that can be availed by you for a certain price to streamline the content that is being sent to the clients. Recently, xAd, a location intelligence and marketing platform, has announced that it has developed a tool to analyze data visualization and location insights known as ‘MarketPlace’, which will offer actionable visual insights about the foot traffic behavior of the consumers. In addition to that, Pinterest, Google and Facebook have announced initiatives to draw out a connection between digital media and offline consumer behavior. Several other companies have also come up with similar plans. So, with the entire digital marketing revolution that we noticed, the location data has gained quite a relevance in the field of email and SMS marketing, Facebook, Instagram and online shopping portals.

All this is why, we told you that location data is currently one of the hottest topics in the field of digital marketing.