Smart Adaptations to The Changing Website Design Landscape


Myntra, a popular online fashion retailer was gung-ho about a year back to have gone mobile-only and having completely abandoned the website. But over a period of time, it realized the humongous mistake it has made and is switching to a responsive based model where it will be available on app as well as website.

Responsive website automatically adjust to the screen size of the device at the users end and responds to user’s behavior and the environment. A flexi-layout that adjusts but does not in any way hinder the experience of the consumer makes for a compelling proposition.

Adjusting screen resolution:

Fluid websites, images and grids with flexi-patterns, elastic layouts with CSS is the way around to cater to devices and browsers. Multitude of devices like iphone, Blackberry, Android, Microsoft call for transformative architecture, a floating design that would easily glide-through any device with seamless performance. A professional web design agency makes sure that a website is designed with latest layout integrations in order to make a user enjoy the browsig experience.


Flexi-content display:

Shrinking and resizing content according to fit and size of the screen makes sure that the website is displayed accordingly. Listing it in concise form rather than showing it in bigger columns makes for a better mobile display which can be further expanded with a click. With rearranged layout elements that can be resized accordingly with a script, the whole layout adds to the usability.



Devices with touchscreen capabilities, are getting added by a dozen every day. These come with a different set of guidelines but doesn’t have to take a lot of effort to adapt to. Delivering that seamless design would work easily on devices and make sure that the website is easily navigable and simplifies user’s experience.

A professional web design agency understands the dynamics of web world. Keeping up wih the fast changes on the technical side of things, the comapny makes sure a web design adds to the identity of a business and adds to its glamour.

A popular company like Myntra should know, they are betting again on the popular internet medium by relaunching their website. It’s time to be present on the popular medium where the consumers are.