• June 22nd, 2016
  • SEO

Makeup is the perfect go-to solution to look attractive and stand out. Though makeup can enhance the looks but it can’t increase the efficiency of a person. Similarly, Technical SEO is “makeup” which beautifies the website for the search engines. Besides beautifying, one has to increase its efficiency, for as to how Mobdro long will beauty help?

SEO needs minimal makeup, namely productive makeup, that is to address primary needs such as fixing that is broken instead of adding up to some technical miscalculations which ends up killing all the organic search traffic. To actually stand out in the market, just fixing issues is not enough. Just as slathering on more makeup will not enhance the beauty, in the same way, there’s a limit to optimising the website. There is always scope to improve more and more and changes which might break apart the website, bringing it down. SEO Agencies should be in tune with the market and work as a better tool to solve business goals and win more pitches.

Search Engines prefer skin deep beauty just as technically pretty site involves serving good and relevant websites to the searchers. It requires so much more than technical skills. Mobdro Online TV In the end, the best they can do is to think strategically, be creative and understand the human relationship beyond the Web i.e. being attractive but at the same time be someone with whom people actually want to spend some time with.