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  • March 05th, 2016
  • SEO

Internet is a young concept for many people globally. It is still emerging and we see new technologies, development foraying into Internet marketing. Off late everyone has heard about SEO services which can work wonders for a business. A cutting edge development to SEO is SEM (Search Engine Marketing). As technologies emerge we tend to give them different names. However, are all of them same? No, not by a far shot.

seo vs sem


A simpler way to explain this would be, think about an entity or a person that manages different people with different job roles working for the same cause. Another possibility is that this single entity handles everything on its own without having others involvement. SEO and SEM are similar; here SEM is the single entity that we’re talking about. A SEO, SEM company, India would be the best guide probably for a business that is looking for online marketing solutions

The sub-factors
SEO has been instrumental in increasing visitor’s traffic towards a website, which in turn proves to be highly instrumental in escalating conversion rate. Besides SEO, some other factors that needs to be kept in mind are how engaging your website is, active or passive, ease of use and everything else matters. You will need someone to manage this for you.

Search Engine Marketing or SEM on the other hand ensures that your advertisements appear and get proper exposure in the Top search engines. This will again help to draw more traffic and ultimately higher rate of conversion. Thus, both services play a vital role in the success graph of a website.