It’s a Win-Win Situation For The Local Marketers With Pokémon Go

  • August 04th, 2016
  • Local

If you are not living under a stone or have not time travelled from the past to appear in today’s world, then there is no way that you must have not heard about the oh-so-famous Pokémon Go!
This free-to-play location based game has taken the entire world by storm and within a very short period of time has been able to gain the utter cool status among kids and adults alike. The Pokémon Go app already boasts about its 30 million and counting downloads and it’s less than a month since the game was released.


This exciting game has also opened a new gate of possibilities for the local marketers and brands in its own unique way. You’ll be bowled over by its amazing way of providing opportunities to the local brands to promote their business indirectly through the means of sponsored locations. Don’t know about it yet? Well, we’ll let you understand it in a simplified and better way.

This game has a few things, such as PokéStops (places from where the users can stock up on accessories and tools that are required in the game) and Gyms (where users train the captured Pokémon and conduct a fight with other players). These are virtual locations that can be located in the real-world on certain landmarks that could be anything, such as a nearby shop, a restaurant, a big statue on the street or others. So, the store or restaurant or anything else that happen to be on the particular location of the Gym or the PokéStops, then it will likely get more foot traffic in the form of Pokémon players.

Seeing the fame of the Pokémon Go, marketers are willing to use it for advertising purposes and there’s a great news for them. The companies associated with the development of this game, Niantic and Nintendo, have made an announcement that they will soon introduce the feature of ‘sponsored locations’ in this game. The day is not far when the local marketers would be able to make their own business locations as PokéStops and Gyms by paying a certain sum of money. This will help in getting the much needed exposure among the players of the game who are quite high in number.

For example, a restaurant becomes the sponsored location in the Pokémon Go and the players visit the place while playing the game. This game dragged a huge number of footfalls to the place or location which otherwise might not be known to the people-that is the advantage for the marketers as it provides optimum recognition and exposure. Now, when they are near the restaurant, they are likely to grab a bite as they might be exhausted or hungry while walking to distances in the process of playing this game. In this way, the restaurant got some new clients who might turn out to be their regular customers later. That’s how it rolls!

It’s high time now to explore different modes and methods of marketing to tackle with the competition in the market and Pokémon Go seemsa favorable choice for that purpose. Gotta catch ‘em all!