A Battle of Snapchat and Instagram Stories


Instagram and Snapchat are competing to gain more and more attention of the youth by introducing new features in these social media platforms. Keeping up with the pace, Instagram has recently launched the feature of ‘Instagram Stories’. It seems being inspired from Snapchat as the users can now upload off-the-cuff or behind-the-scenes photos and videos ton their Instagram accounts. These photos or videos last only for 24 hours and disappear after that. The other best part is that the Instagram stories get deleted without affecting the aesthetic of the user’s profile. Moreover, the user can easily add emojis, drawing or text on their Instagram stories to make them more interesting.


This recent update of Instagram stories is not only fun for the general people, but is quite crucial for the marketers. They can get playful with their content without leaving Instagram. The marketers will also be able to make their basic content more attractive and appealing with the added features of Instagram stories to generate more engagement. It will help to get in touch with a younger audience through Instagram, that was otherwise out of reach. Moreover, Instagram stories allow you to see the number of views each piece gets and it will help you to conclude that which content hits the target audiences.