4 Delicious FAST FOOD You Can Relate with Social Media Platforms


Fast Foods are the go-to foods for people nowadays. They are easier to access, taste great and come in lot of variety. The same goes for Social Media. It’s available to everyone and comes loaded with options.

1. French-fries: Quick Easy and Loved by All – (Facebook)

French Fries

French Fries

French Fries are the ultimate fast food option for every age group out there. They are tasty and so easy to cook with the least hassles. Facebook is synonymous with French fries as everybody from adults to children absolutely love them and it’s so easy to understand. Almost everybody has a Facebook account now and Mobdro just like French fries they are easy to access without much complication.

2. Crossiant: Interesting, Tasty and liked by only those who knows – (Twitter)
Twitter - Crossiant

Everybody has heard about Croissant but nobody knows how to use it or have it. Twitter corresponds to Croissants. Everybody has heard of twitter but a very less percentage of people are active on twitter. People find it difficult to use as it comes loaded with word limitation and rules.

3. Hot Chocolate Fudge: Warm, Yummy and love by Young-Gen – (Instagram)
Hot Chochlat

Hot Chocolate Fudge is a huge hit among the young generation of college goers. Similarly Instagram has a huge young fan following. College students explore their photography by uploading pictures in it Mobdro Online TV and gather followers. Just like Hot Chocolate Fudge is sweet and the best dessert, Instagram brings out the photographers in students and makes them feel good.

4. Pizza: Loved by all and Consumed Frequently – (WhatsApp)

The best fast food of all times is Pizza. Whenever it comes, everybody gets a slice of happiness, nobody is left out. WhatsApp is comparable to the Pizza. Everything can be shared in a group, thus not leaving out anybody. Everybody can participate.

Fast Foods and Social Media go hand in hand and people nowadays cannot do without either. Both have their own sets of Pros and Cons yet they are loved by everybody.